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Here are the screws that fixed my Lisfranc Injury

November 26, 2011
Foot screws from a Lisfranc surgery.

Three stainless steel cannulated (hollow) screws spent several months in my foot to help heal my Lisfranc injury.

If you read my last post, you know that I’m totally healed and back in action after my Lisfranc injury. I’ve been off crutches for more than a year now, and my foot is doing fine. It still feels a bit different than the other one. It gets stiff more easily, and I am extra cautious with it, although my surgeon told me at this point my foot is back to its original durability, and is not any more likely to be injured than it was before.

Since there are so many people suffering from this injury though, and since having a support community was so important to me while I was healing, I figured I’d include a few links to other good resources for people suffering from a Lisfranc injury.

Here are some other good blogs to check out, mostly kept by people who have commented on this blog. I have been grateful for how open and friendly everyone in this community has been.—This is a good story blog with a lot of links to other info sources. Instead of including a big batch of links in this post, I’ll just recommend that you check out the links at fractralfoot. —At the time of this writing, this blog had only been going for a few days, so he’d be a good person to get in touch with if you just suffered a Lisfranc injury and need someone to commiserate with. — This is a forum that a few doctors comment on. There seems to be some good advice there.

Again, my biggest piece of advice for people with a Lisfranc injury is to talk to a doctor (I am not one), and get a second opinion! I saw two doctors before I got to my actual surgeon, but I am so glad I had the surgery. For anything more than a mild sprain of the Lisfranc ligament, surgery is the way to go! If you didn’t get to see these yet, here are some gruesome pics of my Lisfranc surgery, which my nurse was kind enough to snap while I was knocked out.

I’ll dig through  my old photos and see if there are any others that should be posted here. For now, enjoy the above one of my totally healed foot (you can barely see the scar any more!), with the screws that were in me for four months. I spent that whole time terrified that I would accidentally put weight on the foot, break one of the screws, and have to start all over.

It does get better! Stay happy!